Anonymous asked: When do you accept?

Usually an hour or so after I get an app. But I haven’t gotten any apps in today. If I do get any in tonight I will probably make a decision on them tomorrow around 1 or 2 pm est

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I have been cleaning up the main blog. We have a penthouse open. It could be yours if the price is right!

Send in your app today!

Anonymous asked: The point is you're planning an event that not everyone's invited to, causing half the game to feel left out. Way to be inclusive.

That’s not true at all.

1) I haven’t even posted the actual event post yet.

2) How do  you know if everyone was going to be allowed to participate or not? 

3) The gossip blog is there for fun and to give characters a thing to talk about.  

Seriously you’re bitching about this and not wondering why the hell Grace and Draven invited two people they had threesomes with? 




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Anonymous asked: Cop out answer since you run the gossip blog as well.

What is your point? 

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Anonymous asked: Nice announcement about the wedding guest list. Way to make people feel left out.

I didn’t post that. That was the gossip blog. 

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To the person who sent in the app for “Luna” please open your ask box so I can message you. 

Thank you. 

Anonymous asked: staff can live in a penthouse?

If they have enough money too. Pretty much if they have family money they can.

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App Count:

Rita Carter: 1

I will be making final decisions on apps tomorrow afternoon around 3. So send them in!